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WOO Network

WOO Network

Posted on Friday, September 15, 2023

Work with the best

WOO Network was incubated by Kronos Research, connecting traders, exchanges, institutions, and DeFi platforms with democratized access to the best-in-class liquidity and trading execution at zero or low cost.

The opportunity to work among individuals who are both driven and talented is few and far between. At WOO Network we believe that Web3 is all about breaking down barriers and bringing people together closer than ever before. Our mission of progressing decentralization in an industry that stands at the forefront of innovation has fostered an environment of ingenuity, perseverance, and fulfillment.

Company Mission and Vision

To inspire confidence, higher performance and joy in every user.

We are building a world where we have more freedom and control over our finances. United by our innovative spirit and obsession with better design, we open access to the most compelling opportunities along with the tools to capture them.

WOO stands at the intersection of technology and finance, both of which are rapidly changing. What we do has a direct impact on how people save, spend and invest, so it is a privilege to be able to have such an important say in how the future will be. Our cultural principles and values are built with this in mind.
Meritocracy - We recognize and reward based on merit and achievement.
Urgency - We seize fleeting opportunities timely.
Team - We value each other’s efforts.
Integrity - We act with integrity at every turn.
Innovation - We never give up seeking creative ways.
Join our team and help shape the future of CeFi and DeFi. Be part of the team breaking down barriers, and progressing decentralization in an industry that stands at the forefront of innovation. Embrace the extraordinary.

A Glimpse into Your Future at WOO

What will you be working on?

  • Cultivate meaningful connections within the project community, crypto founders, and prominent venture capitalists.
  • Actively scout and pinpoint emerging blockchain and cryptocurrency initiatives suitable for inclusion on WOO.
  • Maintain a consistent and robust stream of promising projects in the pipeline for potential listing.
  • Contribute insights during the due diligence process, aiding the team in assessing new opportunities through factors like team expertise, competitive analysis, and tokenomics, among others.
  • Lead internal approval procedures and present comprehensive justifications for listings to senior leadership.
  • Foster collaboration among cross-functional teams to ensure synergy in sourcing deals and negotiating terms.
  • Participate in pertinent global events, serving as an ambassador for WOO Network.

What about you?

  • Profound knowledge and practical expertise in the cryptocurrency and blockchain sector, encompassing a solid comprehension of industry trends, key themes, tokenomics, and related aspects.
  • Evident enthusiasm for cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies.
  • A proven track record of 3-5 years in asset listing within the cryptocurrency realm, whether in crypto businesses, venture capital, or exchanges.
  • Exceptional written and analytical capabilities for evaluating deals and generating internal reports.
  • Outstanding interpersonal skills, crucial for productive interactions with entrepreneurs and fellow members of the startup ecosystem, which the Corporate Development team regularly engages with.
  • Adeptness in collaborative team environments, along with the capacity to work autonomously on a daily basis.
  • Proficiency in English.

Who will you be working with?

  • Maintain close collaboration with People, Marketing, Design, Operations, Product & BI Teams.

What challenges will you face?

  • Fast-paced working environment.
  • Learning ability and communication skills.
  • Self-management ability and a team working with people from different countries.

Interested in Learning More?

  • Our hiring process begins by meeting with our People Team, who help facilitate the process of placing you in your new role. You can expect to share your experience and ideas in online video interviews with our hiring team, made up of management and potential new colleagues.
  • If you have experience in developing trading systems or financial-related products is a plus.
  • You can prepare for this interview by mentally organizing your strategies and opinions on topics such as Web3, cryptocurrency trading platforms, and your vision of how to succeed.
  • Share this! Don’t be afraid of friends or co-workers stealing this job! If you are amazing and smart we will find a place for you. Check out our External Referral Incentives Program as well. (https://boards.greenhouse.io/wooreferral/jobs/4698841003?utm_source=linkedin)