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Posted on Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Web3Go Ambassador Program: Assemble GODINs!

Why We Start the Ambassador Program?

2024 marks a fresh start for Web3Go, and indeed, for the entire crypto market.
Throughout the past two years, we have dedicated ourselves to building and delivering a diverse range of products and services. These endeavors have not only enabled us to weather the challenges of the bear market but have also positioned us for exponential growth in the future. Moreover, we have successfully cultivated a thriving community and established valuable connections with various projects and individuals. This robust network will undoubtedly catalyze unlocking immense influence and value.
As we embark on this promising journey, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our Ambassador Program at the beginning of 2024. This initiative is driven by our gratitude toward our community, our commitment to fostering unity, and our shared vision for a prosperous future.

What is GODIN?

GODIN: The Nickname of Web3Go Ambassadors

When brainstorming a fun and representative name for our Web3Go ambassadors, we couldn't help but be inspired by the name "GODIN."
The "GO" in GODIN originates from "Web3Go," symbolizing our relentless drive to move forward and our unwavering spirit to never stop. It encapsulates our determination to push boundaries and explore new horizons in the world of Web3.
On the other hand, "DIN" stands for Data Intelligence Network, which lies at the core of Web3Go's mission and the very essence of what we are building. It represents our commitment to harnessing the power of data and intelligence to revolutionize the way we interact with blockchain and AI.
By adopting the name GODIN, we seek to inspire both ourselves and all of you to join us in co-building the future of "AI+Data" with Web3Go. Together, we can create a vibrant and dynamic community that propels innovation, fosters collaboration, and paves the way for a transformative era of technological advancement.


The GODIN consists of different tiers, each with its unique role and responsibilities:
Alpha GODIN: Ambassador management team (3 ppl) This is our GODINs management team, comprising 3 highly skilled individuals who will lead and oversee the entire program. They will work closely with the Web3Go team and other GODINs, provide guidance, and ensure the program's success.
Spark GODIN: KOL Ambassador (unlimited) We are inviting KOL Ambassadors to join us. There is no limit to the number of Spark GODINs we will accept. If you have a strong voice in the industry and are passionate about Web3Go, we want you to be part of our program.
Core GODIN: Community contributor, freelancer, etc (6-8 ppl) This tier is open to community contributors, freelancers, and other individuals who are dedicated to supporting and advancing the Web3Go ecosystem. We are looking to recruit 6-8 Core GODINs who will actively engage with the community and contribute to the growth of our network.
Junior GODIN: Active community member (hundreds of ppl) We value the participation of our active community members, and the Junior GODIN tier is designed specifically for them. We are excited to welcome hundreds of individuals who are enthusiastic about Web3Go and want to play an active role in shaping our community.

GODINs Management

Jennie, the Head of Marketing at Web3Go, will manage all the stuff about Spark GODINs management.
Stan, the Head of Community at Web3Go, will manage all the stuff about Alpha GODINs management.
The Alpha GODINs will manage all the stuff about Core & Junior GODINs management.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:

How to Apply?

Step 1: Review the onboarding diagram below to gain a comprehensive understanding of the entire process


Step 2: Fill in the application form below and wait for our review

Step 3: Have a quick call interview with us and be ready to join us

Deliverables & KPIs


Management of the Ambassador Program - 30% - Maintain and update all the internal and external documentation - Check and review the bounties submitted by Core & Junior GODINs - Count and summarise the incentives, and ensure that the payments are sent correctly and as agreed by the Web3Go Team
Review of Core & Junior GODINs Applications - 30% - Check the Core & Junior GODINs Applications and send feedback emails after reporting to the Web3Go Team - Conduct the quick call interview, write down judgments for the candidate, and send feedback emails after reporting to the Web3Go Team - Onboard 6+ eligible Core & Junior GODINs with simple training per month
Discord & Telegram Community Daily Active Engagement - 30% - Ensure that there are constructive discussions - Welcome new members to the community - Provide answers and support to the community - Run 2+ events and community activities - 3000+ messages per month (more than just “gm”) - Collect questions and renew community AI Bot
Operational Meetings - 10% - Weekly Sync with Web3Go Team - Bi-weekly Sync with Core & Junior GODINs


Social Media Promotion - 50% - 2+ twitter posts or threads or videos per month with over 10k views each - 10+ Retweet / Quote retweet / Comment / Like Web3Go’s and its sub-brands tweets per month
Partnership Building - 50% - Help build 5+ partnership with other projects or communities per month - Help introduce 5+ KOLs to become Spark GODIN


Discord & Telegram Community Daily Active - 40% - Welcome new members to the community - Provide answers and support to the community - Participate in events and community activities - Invite 10+ community members per month - 2000+ messages per month (more than just “gm”)
Product Daily Active - 20% - Deeply interact with Web3Go’s products (more than just connect wallet) - Provide 4+ product feedback with Web3Go Team
Social Media Support - 20% - Provide 6+ pieces of content for Web3Go’s social media, e.g. memes, articles, and threads. - Explore 6+ potential KOLs who might have interests in the Spark GODIN application and build a relationship with them, and let them fill in the application form.
General Research and Support for Web3Go Team - 20% - Research best practices of other projects and provide 2+ suggestions for the Web3Go Team. - Miscellaneous tasks that the Web3Go Team and Alpha GODINs need help with

Junior GODIN

Discord & Telegram Community Active - 35% - Participate in events and community activities - Invite 5+ community members per month - 1000+ messages per month (more than just “gm”)
Product Active - 35% - Deeply interact with Web3Go’s products (more than just connect wallet) - Participate in campaigns
Social Media Support - 30% - Like, comment, and retweet all of the Web3Go’s and its sub-brands’ tweets

Incentives and Penalties

Base Rewards According to Deliverables & KPIs

Base Reward per month/USDT
Base Reward for Web3Go Token $DIN
400 ~ 800
400 ~ 800 (based on influence)
150 ~ 200
Junior GODIN
30 ~ 50

Bonus Rewards According to Bounties Farming

The chart below is being continuously updated on
Here is an example:
Pre-Reqs (who picks winners)
Bonus Rewards/USDT
Web3Go Research Articles
Web3Go Team
Minimum 2000 words each, needs to cover all crypto&data&AI topics, must have relevance to Web3Go, Should include supporting graphics and or videos
Web3Go Twitter Content Management
Web3Go Team
1 curated tweet per day
Web3Go Reddit Management
Alpha GODINs
x15 new posts monthly as well as admin of the subreddit, 1 Month of Daily Engagement, modding, and support.
Topic-specific Podcast episode
Alpha GODINs
25min participation with special guest
AMA Organisation
Alpha GODINs
Arrange for Web3Go to have an AMA with an AI/Data based community. The community must be US-based or have US-based AI or crypto users
Onboard a Spark GODIN from the US with a US-based audience
Alpha GODINs
The invited Spark GODIN could bring huge traffic to Web3Go

GODIN Upgrade and Downgrade

The Junior GODINs can be upgraded to the Core GODINs, and the Core GODINs can be upgraded to the Alpha GODINs.
The Alpha GODINs can be downgraded to the Core GODINs, and the Core GODINs can be downgraded to the Junior GODINs
The upgrade and downgrade will depend on the actual work.

About Web3Go


Web3Go is a data intelligence network that offers a suite of AI-native digital asset tools and real-time data infrastructure.


Reiki is an all-in-one AI agent creation and monetization platform powered by Web3Go that provides no-code data2bot toolkits and blockchain-powered applications.


Analytix is an on-chain DaaS (data-as-a-service) platform powered by Web3Go that empowers users to create, monitor and manage on-chain data dashboards.

Rye Alpha

Rye Alpha is a sub-community of Web3Go dedicated to discussing NFTs, alpha calls, trading, whitelist opportunities, and discovering new projects.

Web3Go Background

@BinanceLabs MVB V Incubation Program.
Raised $4 million seed round funding from Binance Labs, Hashkey Capital, NGC, Shima Capital, IVC, LIF, Big Brain Holdings, and Archerman Capital.