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Posted on Thursday, December 15, 2022

Global Student Ambassador Program

PearDAO global student ambassadors are PearDAO's student spokespersons. As a bridge connecting PearDAO with the campus and student groups, student ambassadors will help PearDAO organize, publicize and promote student events. Student ambassadors will have the opportunity to get close to the Web3 & Crypto industry, participate in PearDAO's internal operations and various events, gain valuable project training experience and career development coaching, and grow together with PearDAO.
As PearDAO student ambassador, you will be:
  • Chief student branding officer, promote the brand and vision of PearDAO and convert more students to become PearDAO users or community members.
  • PearDAO's student spokesperson, be responsible for the planning, establishment and operation of the official PearDAO student communities.
  • PearDAO community contributor, working with the team on product/OPS/marketing side, and also help PearDAO organize, publicize and promote community events.
Requirements you have to meet:
  • Passionate about Web3 & Crypto industry. Knowledge of the industry and industry experience is a plus;
  • Campus experts, strong student resources, and experience in campus event organization and community operation is big plus;
  • Good social and communication skills, strong self-motivation;
  • Recognize PearDAO's vision, culture and be willing to promote it;
What we can offer you:
  • Experience with deep involvement in Web3 project and the crypto industry;
  • SBT of student ambassador issued by PearDAO;
  • An in-depth understanding of PearDAO, gain the most cutting-edge industry knowledges, and fully broaden your horizons;
  • Opportunities to master any knowledge and skills you are interested in, and enhance your competitiveness;
  • Gain rich experience in activities, connection with excellent partners and make friends, expand social circles;
  • One-time payment of PEX token as initial incentive, subsequent bonuses based on performance and results;
  • Marketing budget for community and or offline events;
How to apply
Email [email protected] with your resume!