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Decimalchain is a 1-layer blockchain that provides its users with all the possible features and characteristics of any other blockchain. The blockchain is based on the Cosmos SDK. Thus, Decimal is compatible with all blockchains within the Cosmos network, communicating via IBC (Inter Blockchain Communication Protocol). DSC will be launched on 14 December, after which new features will be available to provide users with more interaction opportunities. It expands the applicability of blockchain and enables many practical developments in intelligent contracts and EVM-enabled infrastructure. DAO and its new token DDAO and stablecoin (DUSD) will appear with DSC's launch. Blockchain Decimalchain has found its application in business, management, and process automation solutions. Even with the basic functionality that was provided at the start: - Coin Creation; - Sending Coins; - Minting and coin burning; - Delegation; - Creation and repayment of receipts; - Validator node management. The user gets the whole experience of the blockchain. The Decimal Smart network can interact with ether-like blockchains, creating collateral-free ERC20 tokens, NFT ERC721, and ERC1155 tokens that can be sent seamlessly to other networks. The Decimal team is always working on creating new solutions and improving services. The most critical and valuable technologies are being implemented in the blockchain. This allows users to access modern, reliable technologies

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