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Ambit Finance

Ambit Finance

Software Engineering · Full-time
Posted on Sunday, February 26, 2023

We’re hiring a Full Stack Engineer

About us

Ambit Finance is a sustainable, comprehensive, and easy-to-use suite of fintech apps (“Superapp”) that will incorporate lending, borrowing, and yield optimization strategies to further the utility of stablecoins and DApps in the broader BNB Chain ecosystem.

Having recently received funding from Binance Labs we are expanding our team and on the lookout for talented engineers that have a passion for DeFi.


Your role

We are looking for a Full Stack Engineer, and we literally mean Full Stack... We're looking for someone that possess exceptional talent combining front-end skills with back-end skills whilst also being able to write smart contracts. Joining us early in our journey, your expertise will help shape the product we are building.

You will be

  • Participating in product architecture designs and product direction.
  • Working with UX designers to transition high-fidelity designs into working applications.
  • Building off-chain indexers to serve the data needs of the applications.
  • Working with Solidity to build smart contracts that provide the foundations of the protocol.

You must be

  • Self motivated. You will be tasked with designing features and seeing them through from their inception to their deployment.
  • Able to work remotely. You will be working 100% remotely with team members from all over the world and in various timezones.
  • Passionate about the user experience. We strive to build an exceptional user experience which means you will need to be passionate, if not slightly obsessive, over building quality user experiences. If a single pixel being out of place is the type of thing that keeps you up at night then you might have what it takes.
  • Skilled in all "ends". In the same day you could be working on front-end, back-end, and smart contract development. We are not looking for someone that likes to stick to their lane, but rather someone who relishes in being able to to do it all.

You must have

  • TypeScript. Most of our stack including test suites and deployment tools are built with TypeScript, so proficency in this is a must.
  • React. Our front-end is built with React and a minimal set of 3rd party libraries such as react-query, react-router, ethers, etc.
  • Solidity. Our protocol is initially targetting EVM chains and for that, we are building with Solidity with the help of Hardhat.

You get bonus points for

  • Docker and Docker Compose.
  • AssemblyScript, Rust, GraphSQL.
  • Writing custom UX components instead of using 3rd party libraries.
  • Experience with other Web3 protocols such as The Graph.

What you get

  • Competitive salary. We will pay what we need to get the perfect hire.
  • Generous token allocation. You are joining early and will be a critical part of the journey, therefore your token allocation will reflect this.
  • Unlimited paid vacation. We think time off is essential to keeping people motiviated and beneficial in creating exceptional output.

The next steps

If you think you have what it takes and would love to be part of the journey then send through your resume to hello@ambitfi.com.

Ambit Finance is an equal opportunity employer.